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What is Coaching?

This is the most popular question of all time (Or at least in this field). People want to know what’s the difference between any mental health practitioner (therapist, psychologist, counselor, etc..) and a coach. 

Coaching conversations are future oriented and goal driven aiming to maximize potential and success. These are artfully designed discussions that provoke gear-shifting and empowering thoughts that help you take ACTION with CONFIDENCE.  We just want you moving FORWARD. Yes, conversations can lead you to talk about the past, unload some heavy stuff and delve into current struggles, but it’s WHERE we go that is the distinction. 

Whereas a therapist will focus on addressing your emotional well-being, uncover the root of your problems and treat any deep-seated issue, a coach’s role is to act as a partner helping you focus on achieving results. Look at it as a very smart, insightful conversation where it’s all about YOU (sounds fun huh?), your most authentic thoughts, desires and plans for a better future. 

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I’ve experienced first hand the power of awareness through mentorship and learned to comprehend the beauty of choice. When I witnessed transformation and how it elevated my own life, I knew I wanted to help people reach into and discover that innate power to unleash the most authentic, unstoppable versions of themselves. The realest, rawest versions of ourselves is the version that holds the most foundational power of creation. I can help you do a deep dive into that part of you, gain a better understanding of those capabilities and then use those newfound tools toward creating something wonderful!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a result driven conversation that isn’t designed to address deep-seated emotional and psychological issues.. That would be the function of therapy. Whereas a coach’s purpose is to steer you to the path of enlightenment, growth and creation.

How do I know coaching is for me?

There can be many reasons why you need a life coach. But to give a few, if you are vying for a change in your life and you don’t know what it is or where to start… If you’re in the midst of something and need clarity how to proceed with optimal results.. If there’s anything in your life you’d like to manage better… Is there a situation that requires you to gain fresh perspective to successfully navigate? There’s a lot more that may spark your need for this service, but overall, if you’re a person willing to move forward and experience positive change then this may be for you.

How long will it take for me to reach ‘enlightenment’ or a pivotal moment?

This really is an individual process and any enlightenment and growth is steps toward success. However, the reason why I offer my coaching container services as a package is for the purpose of allowing sufficient time for that shift. Typically, the first session or two establishes the rapport and foundation of the coaching/ client relationship. Every session allows us to dig deeper and gets us closer to the ‘aha’ moments. That’s not to say that even one session won’t be beneficial.. But it may leave you with open ended thoughts and ideas that may need the follow up push to lead to action and creation.

What kind of methods are incorporated in these coaching sessions?

The core method applied during these conversations is the power of questioning. Following a path of foundation through awareness and into creation, I guide you through that process by invoking mind- shifting thoughts prompted by powerful questioning. These lead us into a deep dive, forward thinking discussion.

Can I be coached through any situation , issue or topic?

Yes! You are not limited to any specific topic. This is all about you and what you want to explore. The sky’s the limit..legit.

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