What’s In Your Toolbox?

Did life just ‘throw in a monkey wrench?’


I think it’s ironic that this popular idiom uses an actual tool in reference to the challenges that come our way. There’s definitely a hidden message here! Let’s get into it:


Have you or are you currently struggling with something unexpected that came about? Big or small. 


We can’t control what happens to us and our plans, but we can control our reactions.


If we’re able to accept the situation and switch gears to ‘problem solving mode’, we can grab that monkey wrench by the horns (lots of animal references here, but hey it works), and use it as a tool to move forward. 


Stuff will happen.. that’s unavoidable. But the superpower lies within our ability to learn from the experience, gain something from it and move forward with a new perspective. 


How can we be strong and remain level-headed when things get tough? To stay on track or readjust to get back on?


  1. You can entrust a professional to walk you through the process of doing deep, self introspective work that opens awareness around yourself and the subject. 


  1. Or you can ask yourself:


  • ‘What is the most important thing for me to focus on right now?’


  • ‘Who can be my biggest support during this time?’


  • ‘Is there a necessary mindset shift or action I need to take to keep moving forward?’


The responses you may think of can get those gears moving in the right direction.


By enabling mindset shifts, You start to accept that this happened for a reason beyond your control. You also begin to understand the significance of your reaction. Once you do that, you’re open minded to explore various possible outcomes that are roadmapped by what already happened, or by the obstacles you’re presently overcoming. 


Reaching a level of awareness breeds creation. Allow yourself to generate new thoughts and perspectives that’ll lead you to create and be proactive. Build endurance and stamina but truly know what you’re capable of. Use that combined power to create a stronger self. 


You’re not creating a plan to avoid unpleasant  surprises or to hide from your troubles> You’re creating a strategic mindset to embrace whatever comes your way. To carry on stronger and better! Build stamina!


Listen, it’s easier said than done. It takes a lot of commitment, consistency and being kind to yourself to allow yourself the time and space to delve. 


So if you’re willing to take control:


  • Find that path to awareness (whatever works for you.. but choose something! Be it a person to speak to, a mentor to hire, a book to read or a thought to acknowledge.)


  • Claim the clarity you gained about yourself and acknowledge your strengths. 


  • Channel those in the right direction for you and use them as support to navigate setbacks. 


  • And the best part…stick to it! Be as consistent as possible. Build and practice those habits to embed them into your lifestyle. 


Own your struggles and make your desires and achievements stronger than the obstacles. And even more so, if you harness the ability to use the obstacles as tools, you’ll be unstoppable!

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