To Get Something You Never Had, Do Something You Haven’t Done

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to break old patterns that bring the same undesirable results over and over again?

  • Things just seem boring
  • You feel empty and unfulfilled
  • There’s something nagging that you can’t shake
  • It’s simply not working

You need a change!

Any transition or transformation isn’t easy. You need be committed to stepping out of that comfort zone, be consistent, block out internal and external noise and exert a tremendous amount of willpower. That’s not to say you must make drastic changes all at once. Even the smallest turn can bring you to a whole new destination.

Now, where do you want to go? What do you want and how bad do you want it?? That is the question. (Ok, questions) 

I’ve been there- wanting that change so bad and not being quite sure what that was. Being uncertain of the outcome I actually wanted, I decided to shake things up by applying changes wherever I could. Schedule adjustments, connecting with mentors, applying to some courses, trying new routines. With consistency being a key factor, some of those changes actually worked! They added structure and value to my daily life, and slowly over time, those changes brought new meaning and clarity. Still doin it! And who knows what life will bring, but hey you won’t know until you try. 

Now ask yourself:

  • Have I actually done something to facilitate this change?
  • Was I consistent enough to give it a chance to yield results?
  • Is this new course of action I’m trying the right way to go?
  • How do I know that??

Facilitated change begins with a mindset shift> which begins with awareness> which begins with commitment from you to do some deep introspective work. Sounds intense, but in actuality is quite the relief! If you’re a person needing change, craving to take action to get yourself a life that’s best fit for you, you need this! 

To manifest something you haven’t experienced before, take a new route. Go off a different exit to see where that may take you. If that doesn’t work, recalculate. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you’ve never seen a body of water, perhaps get yourself out of the desert… Think about that 🙂

I can go on with these travel themed analogies all day, but let’s get to the bottom line message:

Try something you’ve never done before and maybe you’ll see things you haven’t given yourself the chance to!

Here are some examples just to get the mind flowing:

>Going to bed with a stomach ache often? 

Try cutting out one of those extra portions or snacks close to bedtime (it’s a good idea to ask someone knowledgeable in the nutrition area though..That ain’t me :))

>Do you find yourself leaving a conversation or social situation with someone (or someoneS) always feeling frustrated? 

Try talking to someone new that you can trust or that can give you the space to talk it out. Getting a fresh pair of eyes (and ears) onboard with new perspectives always helps!

>At the end of the day, are you overwhelmed and frustrated with the running lists that you haven’t had a chance to get to?

Try to reevaluate your daily schedule… is there room for change there? 

These examples may not resonate exactly to you per se, but I want you t0 open up to the concept of even THINKING about looking at ‘the regular stuff’ just a bit differently. Let it cross your mind. Introduce yourself to that awareness.

Even ACKNOWLEDGING a thought can be a catalyst for change! You have no idea what effects any action, big or small,  can have in the future.



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